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Greetings! is your destination for comprehensive information on all aspects of Candida, including overgrowth and the best supportive treatments. We also cover gut microbiome health, including conditions such as SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Our commitment is to offer you accurate and up-to-date resources for your journey to optimal health, drawing on naturopathic wisdom and the latest research in the human gut microbiome field.

We recognise that addressing Candida overgrowth goes beyond simple candida cleansing or basic Candida dietary control methods. It’s why our website discusses a wide variety of topics on a basic level, but also in-depth if you wish to learn a lot more. You’ll find many articles relating to the best foods, but also the best ways to relax, sleep, exercise, and build high-level resilience when it comes to stress. provides many evidence-based articles, expert insights, clinical wisdom, including practical tips and home remedies to help support many fungal, bacterial, or parasite problems in a wide-range of conditions.

With our book and three distinct programs, we aim to equip you with the knowledge, including tools to regain control of your health by understanding the causes and best natural treatment of fungal and bacterial gut disorders.

Because there’s more to Candida balance than diet and treatment, we delve into the interconnectedness of key lifestyle factors that play a leading role in maintaining gut microbiome balance

Through our years of naturopathic practice with an unwavering focus on Candida-related complex, we recognise the clinical significance of stress management, relationships, sleep quality, and physical activity, in maintaining a balanced microbiome and supporting overall our well-being.

All information has been taken from the book entitled “The Candida Code”, naturopath Eric Bakker’s latest Candida book. All information, including our new book, is free of charge 🙂

Whether you’re here to take your health to the next level, are seeking answers to your current fungal or bacterial gut health concerns, or looking to further your understanding of gut health disease, can be your go-to resource. It’s been our focus for 34 years of clinic and research into natural health. Welcome!

a few key pages:

The Candida Code – Naturopath Eric Bakker’s Latest Book

The Candida Code is a follow-up to Eric’s previous Candida book Candida Crusher, published in 2013

  • Written by a naturopath with 34 years of specialist clinical experience in the field of Candida yeast infections, SIBO, and other gut-related health problems such as IBD and IBS.
  • Although a technical and scientific book, it is written from a common-sense point of view and the programs are easy to follow by most individuals.
  • Many Candida species are proving to becoming increasingly resistant to anti-fungal drugs. Yeast, bacterial and parasite related health problems have become a hidden epidemic in much of the developed world and are increasing. People are increasingly looking for more drug-free and natural ways of overcoming their health challenges. With the latest research into natural medicines and fungal/bacterial overgrowth in our new book, we can offer many supportive solutions.
  • Eric’s latest book is free 🙂

We Have 3 Different Programs To Choose From

Our Candida Code Book and Health Programs are Free of Charge

We have carefully designed three distinct levels of gut health programs, each tailored to cater to varying needs and preferences. There is no charge for any of our program information, and we don’t ask anything from you except commitment and personal testimonial to your chosen program for the best outcome!

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Eric Bakker Naturopathic Physician and Founder of

Program Support

Although our Candida Cleanse programs are aimed at those with Candida overgrowth or yeast infections, we’ve found them also most successful clinically when it comes to helping individuals with SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease. It’s been naturopath Eric Bakker’s life’s mission to empower people with the right knowledge and tools to overcome their chronic health problems.

Eric would like to support program participants as best he can. His YouTube channel will be live streaming weekly to answer any program questions, so be sure to check it out to see when it happens.

We just happen to make some of the best gut-supporting dietary supplements on the market called Yeastrix, but there’s no obligation, whatever special foods or dietary supplements you decide to take during your program, that’s entirely your choice!

The Anti-Candida Diet

We’ve Specialised In Candida Diets For Years

The cornerstone of any dietary strategy for maintaining fungal and bacterial balance and promoting gut microbiome health isn’t just about avoiding sugar. The real issues are the artificial foods, beverages, drugs, and especially unhealthy lifestyle choices that fuel Candida and dysbiotic bacterial growth, leading to numerous health problems.

Diet, nutrition, and a handful of supplements alone are ineffective unless lifestyle habits are also considered. We don’t subscribe to the mainstream Candida narrative that suggests avoiding all sugars, gluten, starchy carbohydrates, mushrooms, and yeast-containing foods. New research in our book, The Candida Code, disproves many of these common Candida dietary myths.

Our clinical experience shows that the most common triggers for Candida and SIBO overgrowth are primarily processed foods, alcohol, coffee drinks, pharmaceutical drugs (like antibiotics or oral contraceptives), and ultra-processed foods, along with the stressed lifestyles many people lead.

A “Candida Diet” is Basically Just Healthy Eating

A “Candida Diet” is essentially healthy eating, focusing on avoiding pro-inflammatory foods like ultra-processed foods, alcohol, and excessive caffeine. We’ll be discussing the healthiest foods to include in our diet, including anti-microbial foods to balance gut microbiota and prebiotic and probiotic foods to build gut bacteria.

We support a high-fibre, plant-based diet, such as the Mediterranean or Foundation diet, which increases beneficial bacteria and metabolites (SCFAs), fostering a healthy gut microbiome and better health outcomes (Vijay et al., 2021). Candida overgrowth often links to gut inflammation, leaky gut, and digestive discomfort, leading to common symptoms such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

A person holding out a fresh apple in one hand and a frosted donut in the other, symbolizing a choice between healthy and indulgent food options.

We support prioritising a diet rich in fibre, nutrients, polyphenols, probiotics, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory foods to address symptoms and improve our health and well-being. This way of eating should not be regarded as a “Candida diet” because eating well consistently promotes overall health, regardless of the diet’s label. Our Candida diet and gut health diet information is comprehensive, up-to-date scientifically, and based on extensive clinical and personal experience.

Key Diet and Nutrition Pages

Candida Cleanse Beginner

Just starting out? Looking for a quick non-fuss 3-week gut cleanse?

The Anti-Candida Lifestyle

We’ve Specialised In Healthy Lifestyles For Years

Through extensive clinical experience, we have found that diet and supplements alone are generally ineffective in fully resolving recurring Candida overgrowth, SIBO, IBS, and IBD. Patients often receive generic advice on lifestyle changes, like getting more sleep or exercising more, without detailed guidance. The best outcomes and lasting results come from combining nutritious eating with long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Prioritising quality sleep, increased activity, stress management, and nurturing relationships is essential for optimal gut health. Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are inseparable for achieving and maintaining good health. Recent studies are finding that dietary patterns and several other environmental factors have a profound effect on shaping our gut microbiota in real time. (Hills et al., 2019)

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Unhealthy Lifestyles from Poor Diets, Tech Dependency, and Stress

The busy routines of modern life have led many to adopt Western diets high in fat and sugar, contributing to sedentary habits and lack of sunlight exposure. This combination of poor diet and lifestyle factors needs urgent attention.

Chronic stress from daily routines fosters unhealthy habits like drinking, vaping, excessive mobile phone time, and reduced socialisation. These behaviours often lead to sleep issues, weight gain, poor gut function, and musculoskeletal problems and contribute to a sick gut.

All such diet and lifestyle factors listed can have a serious impact on our gut microbiota, promoting bacterial gut dysbiosis that includes an increase in opportunistic Candida albicans overgrowth and a decrease in beneficial bacteria populations such as Bifidobacterium. (Jawhara 2023)

Integral Components of Holistic Health : Lifestyle and Diet

True health and well-being goes miles beyond mere diets, recipes and supplements for Candida or SIBO. Our unique resources offer current insights and research-backed advice on boosting your immune system, managing stress, staying active, improving sleep, and more. Take a closer look at your lifestyle and make adjustments as needed based on the information provided here:

Key Lifestyle Pages